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MOQ: (Minimum Order Quantity):

Qinghe doesn’t set up the MOQ.   Qinghe understands that each customer has very different needs on quantity. Qinghe is a company that takes orders as task focus.   We calculate the cost according to our customers’ specifications and quantity, and then present our best offers based on long-term cooperation hopes.


Qinghe welcomes orders of smaller quantity which can be placed regularly each year. This part of orders value can range from USD500.00 to USD30000.00.


Certainly, Qinghe welcomes orders in containers qty more.   Most of our clients’ orders are in containers qty, and one single order value ranges from USD30000.00 to USD120000.00.


We suggest that one single order value be above USD500.00.


For one exporting shipment, whatever the value and the quantity are, some fees are fixed; total fees are approximately USD150.00-USD200.00.   Due to the above reason, if the client’s order value is too small, say, the goods' EX WORK price is USD300.00, then adding the fixed cost of USD200.00, the final offers will look very high.  So according to our experience, if clients’ single order value is below USD500.00, we suggest that clients order from the local suppliers instead of from us. These fixed fees are as following:


Customs and port charges: USD100.00

Bank wire transfer fees: USD20.00-USD50.00

Documentation and express fees: USDUSD30.00-USD50.00

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