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Qinghe was originally named Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory.  In the year of 1980, Mr. Yan Zhiwen set up the company of Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory.  In the beginning years of Anping Industrial, the main business of this company is weaving wire cloth, which is mostly used in paper manufacturing factories and chemical factories all over China.  

In the year of 2000, Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory decided to focus on overseas market which has higher quality requirements, as Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory can satisfy the high quality requirements of overseas market, and the cash flow of exporting business type can help Industrial to grow very fast although the profit is smaller.  From 2000 to 2003, Anping Industrial had to cooperate with exporting agencies to sell to overseas customers because the EXPORT LICENSE was strictly controlled at that time.  Another reason is that if Anping Industrial wishes to get export license, it has to apply in a new name instead of Anping Industrial.  In the year of 2003, Anping Qinghe was founded on the basis of Anping Industrial. 





September, Qinghe Registered and founded


October, Qinghe Razor Wire was distributed in South Africa


December, Turnovers were USD 500,000.00




February, started to make barbed wire. 


March, purchased 2 lines of razor tape wire manufacturing line, mostly for CBT 65.


April, started to punch Stainless Steel 304 Razor Tape Wire. 


May, got a loan of USD300,000.00 from the bank


June, customers NO reached 20 in 5 countries


July, started a line of hot dip galvanizing wire


December, turnovers this year reached USD2.2million.





March, started the 2nd hot dip gal. wire line


April, started the first electro galvanizing wire line


August, moved to the new factory land of 5000 SQM


September, was able to make hot dip gal. wire of 270 grams zinc coating


October, became a member of China Mineral and Metal Committee


November, Hot Dip Gal. Razor Tape Wire firstly sold to India


December, turnovers this year reached USD4.5million.




April, Concertina Tape Wire was exported to Mexico for the first time


June, Razor Tape Wire BTO 20, BTO 22 was distributed in Brazil


July, Company Standards of Razor Wire & Tape Wire was issued.


October, Stainless Steel Core Wire, Stainless Steel Tape Razor Wire order was signed with Singapore customer for Prison application.


December, turnovers this year reached USD7.1million.





April, repaid the loan of USD400,000.00 and got a loan of USD1.0 million


May, high caron steel core wire Razor Tape Wire is distributed in U.A.E.


September, Shijiazhuang office was set up


October, leathers gloves for installing Razor Tape wire is designed and invented by us. 


December, turnovers this year reached USD10.06million.





February, Razor wire and Razor Tape Wire machines reached 10 sets


March, signed long term contract with an powder coating factory for razor wire.


May, start to make moulds and dies for razor tape punching machine. 


August, moved to new factory of 20,000.00 SQM.


December, turnovers this year reached USD11.3 million.





June, Qinghe new Standards of razor tape wire was issued


July, powder coated Concertina wire was shipped to Nigeria.


August, high tensile steel Razor tape wire was shipped to Uganda. 


December, turnovers this year reached USD12.5 million.





August, SGS and Made in China issued certificate to our factory


September, CNC Hight speed razor tape punching machine is intalled in our factory, with a punching speed of 500 punches per minutes, and can punch 10 pieces of razor wire at the same time.


December, turnovers this year reached USD14.2 million.





March, repaid the loan of USD1.0 million borrowed from bank 4 years ago


May, total customer NO reached 350


September, sales volume of razor wire, tape wire and concertina wire reached USD1.8 million


December, turnovers this year reached USD15.9 million.





February, the countries NO of our customer origins reached 52


March; purchased another industrial land of 20,000.00 SQM


October, started to apply for more trademarks of our own


December, turnovers this year reached USD18.8 million





March; signing long term contract with Russia customer for CBT 65.





February, signing long term supplying contract with a Costa Rica customer.

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