Quality & Price

For each order of razor tape wire, Harmony knows that the following three factors are always and the only factors we should care about for customers.

Quality is ALWAYS NO. 1

Our customers have built up a reputation for their brands and company names in their industries, which makes them loyal to them. Poor quality products will make it difficult for the buyers to sell the products to their loyal customers. There are losses in the value of the goods, as well as the time and reputation damage. It’s possible that their customers won’t trust them again if they do not know what the issue was.

Price is very important

Both customers and Harmony value price. Harmony calculates the most competitive price based on the most recent prices for materials, manufacturing processes, administrative functions, and transport expenses. Harmony recognizes that customers face competition. Harmony will lose customers if it can’t win over them with both quality and price for concertina razor wire. Having the same high-quality products makes Harmony’s prices always the most competitive.

We quote once only

To save the time of both Harmony and our customers, Harmony does not offer discount after quoting the first time for concertina tape wire. Harmony only quotes the best price at the first time based on the requirements of specifications, special requests, quantity and lead time.

No Punctual Delivery time, No continuous business

We understand that when customers place orders with us, it means that they have made a promise to their customers if that order is from their customers, and they are expecting the razor tape wire products to arrive within the date shown on the contract. Delayed shipping will make customers get angry and make the whole situation worse.

The world is protected by ideas, not razor wire

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