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Making the following specifications clear in your inquiry will greatly help you get a fast and accurate pricing:

1. The material (core material, blade material)
2. Blade type
3. Ourside diameter
4. No. of  loops
5. Stardard length per coil
6. Clips quantity
7. The Quantity for this order and for future possilbe orders.
8. The Lead Time you want for this order and for future possible orders.
9. Other information you think is important.

More information will help us to put your inquiry on top priority, such as your current supplier having problem with the lead time, or you need some profeesional advice as you just start your business, etc.





Tips about purchasing quality razor products

How to choose among all the proposals quality razor wire? Recently there was the mass of resellers that offer cheap razor wire, seeking money, not caring about the quality of the delivered razor wire.

What should I look for when buying razor wire, performance or service life? When buying the razor wire should pay special attention to some details:

First, in the production of this razor wire should be used only high quality materials, fully meet its intended purpose. Naturally, the greatest strength has concertina, made entirely of galvanized wire.

Second, getting the usual twisted wire. Modern razor wire mesh manufactured by compression, resulting in separation of the cutting of the tape from the wire impossible. 

Third, the effectiveness of razor wire concertina depends on the number of turns per meter of wire.


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