Features and Application of Razor Wire

The Razor Wire have the following characteristics:


  1. ** strong protection **: The sharp blade has a strong deterrence, which can effectively prevent people and animals from crossing and entering.
  2. ** Strong and durable **: It is usually made of high -quality metal, which is resistant to corrosion and can be used for a long time in various environments.
  3. ** Installation Flexible **: Flexible layout and installation of Razor Wire can be made according to different venues and needs.


  1. ** Military field **: It is used in important areas such as military bases and border defense to prevent illegal invasion.
  2. ** Prison Detention Center **: Enhance the safety of regulatory venues and restrict the scope of personnel activities.
  3. ** Industrial and mining enterprises **: Protect the facilities such as factories, warehouses, and prevent theft and damage.
  4. ** Important facilities protection **: such as power stations, oil depots, etc., prevent human damage and illegal entry.
  5. ** border protection **: blocking and warning on the border of the national border.
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