Mobile Razor Wire Barrier

Harmony Mobile Razor wire Barrier is composed of concertina wires and support frames on both ends. One-end frame can be operated to complete concertina wire deployment and recovery in a few minutes. The retractable concertina wire and the support frame are integrated and firmly connected, offering a firm, stable overall structure.

Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Side & Front View Drawing

It is suitable for Emergency situation, Riot control, isolation, traffic interruption and area containment control in special occasions to maintain public order and ensure public security.

In addition, it is also required when the military and police need to effectively isolate the scene of illegal and criminal activities, block traffic and block the area to achieve full area isolation during the work of maintaining stability and dealing with emergencies.

As it can not only effectively prevent crowds from colliding, climbing and leaping, but also prevent vehicles from forcibly braking through the blockade, therefore, it is widely used for target protection, border defense against enemy forces, riot control, mass protest and riot control, accident scene obstacle deployment, road construction obstacle deployment and other emergencies.

Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Inside View

Razor wire mobile security barrier is mainly divided into single strand security barrier and triple strand security barrier by number of concertina wire rolls.

Single Strand Security Barrier

Single strand security barrier consists of a retractable concertina wire unit and a support frame. The concertina wire unit has a contracting diameter ranging from 80 cm to 100 cm and a stretching length of 10 m. At the bottom of the support frame, 4 retractable castors are provided for easy pushing and moving. In collapse conditions, it is easy to push and move forward. In addition, a canvas cover is provided to cover the support frame for easy transportation, storage, handling and loading.

It is generally used to isolate and interrupt traffic, maintain public order and ensure public security, etc.

According to the outer package, it can be divided into the following types.

Single Strand Razor Wire Barrier with Support Tube

Coil diameter:  900-1100 mm

Height:  900-1100 mm

Width:  500-600 mm

Stretching length:  7–12 m

Blade type: BTO-20-22

Single Strand Razor Wire Barrier with Support Frame

Coil diameter:  800-1000 mm

Height: 800-900 mm

Width: 850-920 mm

Stretching length: 8-12 m

Blade type: BTO-20-22

Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Support Frame & Trailer

Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Support Frame
Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Support Frame & Trailer A
Mobile Razor Wire Barrier Support Frame & Trailer B

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